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Patrick Antonelle
An American Renoir
by Sandra Orlovsky and Alexandra Shaw

Artist Patrick Antonelle seeks "to combine Nature with the ingenuity of Man - Architecture - thereby creating a peaceful, workable harmony."

A paradox in art as in life is that the synthesis of powerful factors finds expression in simple images and messages. Artist Patrick Antonelle seeks "to combine nature with the ingenuity of Man -.Architecture - thereby creating a peaceful, workable harmony…"

Street Scenes of his native and much revered New York City have become Antonelle's symbols. The artist has devoted himself to capturing the changing of light and its effects - as day evolves into night - and the changing of seasons - Central Park adorned with snow or bejeweled with tulips.

In an impressionistic style, Antonelle uses color with technical prowess and shares with us a romantic, lush and vibrant landscape - ebullient yet peaceful - side of the City. In spirit and in manner Antonelle is easily compared to Renoir and Monet.

Some scenes are drawn from life, but others are imagined nostalgic days of yesterday, However, all of Antonelle's works are timeless pieces expressing human nature above all.

In Bonding, a poignant expression of the intimacy between mother and her children is portrayed as they walk together in a beautiful, formal, fantasy garden. In Younger Than Springtime, the rejuvenating power of love bursts forth in the blossoming of a cherry blossom tree which stands proudly on a carpet of rich grass. It dominates the painting, but two delicate figures - mother and child - clad in long white dresses are painted like small pearls glistening in the distance.

In The Plaza - Winter, the glory and majesty of old classic facades in the city brings pangs of pride to the viewer. The magnificent building rises above the golden brown, bare trees. It is a dramatic. Sight as a blanket of snows covers the ground of Central Park and the snowflakes form a translucent veil that gently descends between the viewer and this breathtaking sight.

Patrick Antonelle's work hangs in numerous homes and public collections. Among his collectors most recently added to his list of notables - are the Sculleys of Apple Computers. His paintings are in the possession of Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trump, Michele March and Citicorp. The artist also produces limited edition lithographs and greeting cards.

Patrick Antonelle brings beauty back into the world of art that has seen too much angst and anger recently. It is no wonder he has so many admirers and collectors.

* Manhattan Arts Magazine, November 1992       

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