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Impressions from
New York

Newsletter of art, life and times of Patrick Antonelle - "America's Renoir"

Issue 2003-1

In this issue:

On Style
Pointillism Used for Effect

Lost and Found
An Old (and Sold-Out) Print

Featured Reproduction
Our first canvas replica- Wall Street

Featured Originals
Four New Miniatures

Featured Art Link
Art Affairs

Featured Fun Links
Debunking myths

Wall Street 1915 -Canvas Replica

Total Edition - 1000
Total Canvas Edition - 300
Image Size - 19 x 26
Framed Size - 25 x 32

Offering Price - $900

Featured Reproduction

Wall Street 1915 -
Framed Canvas Replica

by Patrick Antonelle

Antonelle Art Impressions is proud to announce the first offering of a canvas replica of Patrick Antonelle's art.  While our limited edition paper lithographs accurately portray Patrick's imagery and provide a cost effective way to collect and invest in Patrick's art, these new replicas exhibit that art back on the medium in which they were originally crafted - canvas.

Click here for more details.

Pointillism Used for Effect

 A number of art critics, in praising Patrick Antonelle’s paintings, note his mastery of the pointillistic-impressionistic style.  During the heyday of neo-impressionism, when artist’s like Gauguin and Cezanne were building on styles previously exhibited by the likes of Monet and Renoir, a number of artists stopped blending paints on the palette altogether and instead applied them on the canvas in small dots and dashes.  In certain ratios and patterns, these colors blend in the perception of viewers, more so as the distance from the painting increases.  Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac and Georges Seurat were the masters of this genre, labeled “divisionism” by Seurat but more popularly termed “pointillism” by the art critic and early Vogue journalist Felix Feneon.  Aside from innovation and achievement of targeted hues, pointillism can engender a shimmering vibrancy.

In his artwork, Patrick Antonelle uses a combination of styles to garner the precise effect sought.  While his sense of colors recreates the entire spectrum of nature’s chromatic wonder and his mastery of impressionism renders scenes that are as romantic and personal as they are beautiful, his deft utilization of pointillism makes his artwork come to life. Snow seems to fall, lakes glisten and people move about their lives.  Most pictures present snapshots of a single moment.  Thanks to technical mastery of painting’s great innovations, Patrick’s art captures entire chapters.

Lost and Found

Years ago, a lithograph was issued featuring a reproduction of one of Patrick's quintessential early works, "Old New York".  The limited edition sold out so quickly, we almost forgot about its existence.

As we continue to build up the on-line portfolio that we hope will eventually show the greater body of Patrick's work, we at long last add this treasure.

Click here to see a current listing of the portfolio, with links to all of the images.

Featured New Original Paintings

At $750 per piece, an affordable way to invest in an original Antonelle!  Click on the pictures for details.

Featured Art Link

Interested in art additional to Patrick's?  We don't know why you would be, but just in case, check out

The Canadian-based site contains galleries, shops, directories and links to many art related sites, including publishers, print distributors, frame manufacturers, and tons of artists.  Galleries can be found on site, often with links to the home web sites of the artist or publisher at hand.

The folks at also have a number of web resources, including hosting capabilities and templates on which art collections can be quickly converted into on-line stores.

Featured Fun Links

Is Frank Zappa the son of Mr. Greenjeans from Captain Kangaroo?
Was Marilyn Manson the character Paul Pfeifer in The Wonder Years?
Is the story about a babysitter receiving calls from a murderer inside the house based on truth?

Find the answer to these and hundreds of other urban legends and myths at the following cool sites: - Sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society, this site has a coding system whereby each legend or factoid is graded as true, false, of undetermined truth or not yet researched. - Put together by Jason Heimbaugh and a group called "People with No Lives" this resource has 25 categories, including books and links to the latest scams and legends. - Mainly a search engine with which you can enter keywords which will then be used to find related myths and the stories, or truth, behind them.  Assembled by E-Scribe New Media.

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* Manhattan Arts Magazine, November 1992       

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