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Impressions from
New York

Newsletter for friends of Patrick Antonelle - America's Renoir

Antonelle Art Impressions, P.O. Box 6144, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Issue 2003-5
July 8, 2003

In this issue:

Two New Original Paintings
European fields inspire

Twenty Additions to the Portfolio
Winter scenes cool things down

Help Find E.T.
A screen saver that probes space

Directions to Anywhere
One of the handiest links we know

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European Countryside

Standing near the very spots that inspired Monet and his ilk, Patrick Antonelle recently complemented his New York City visions with wondrously panoramic impressions of a variety of fields in southern France and northern Italy.  Two just completed are now offered for sale. At 40" by 40", Poppies - Tuscany II will certainly provide its collector with a prominent scene that opens a view to another continent.  It can be hung unframed, as is, or made even more prominent with the buyer's  choice of molding.  Poppies and Wheatfield comes already framed in an exquisite gold molding with inner beading and ornate corners. 

Inspires Originals

Poppies - Tuscany II

Poppies and Wheatfield

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all available originals.

Two Cool Links

These will be posted in our miscellaneous links section.  Check them out, and let them know where you heard about them.

Search for extraterrestrials - SETI@home

Click below to discover how your computer can aid in the quest to find signs of intelligent life beyond earth. You can download a screen saver which, while you are not using your machine, retrieves your own packet of unique data from a huge radio telescope and looks for patterns that may indicate intelligent signals.

Find places closer to home - Mapquest

If you don't already have this link in your "favorites", add it now.  Get directions from and to anywhere.  Ask for shortest distance or quickest time.  Zoom in or out for map details as you prefer.

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Really Cool Portfolio Additions

Below are some samples from the second batch of portfolio additions we are uploading this summer.  Click on individual pictures for larger imagery.

Winter City Parkscape


Central Park Lake - Winter


Central Park- Winter


Saint Patrick's


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* Manhattan Arts Magazine, November 1992       

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